Reasearch Sites


The Pépin, Lachance & Laforce Families Association is glad to offer researchers links with a few sites which could be very useful in the context of research on family associations or of pure genealogical research.

Here are therefore four sites which we feel are very developed as they contain numerous links with sites of importance to genealogical researchers :

- La Société de généalogie canadienne-française

- Le Centre de généalogie francophone d'Amérique

- Francogène

- La Société historique du Marigot 

The following sites are particularly related to our families Lachance, Laforce and Pepin:

- Lachance Family Website

- The Lachance/Bussell Family- Lachance/McCuaig family of Ottawa,Canada

- Genealogy forum on the Pepin

- Genealogy forum on the Lachance

- Kevin Peppin