Becoming a member

General information

1. The Pepin, Lachance and Laforce Families Association.

The "Pépin Families Association Inc" was founded in 1982. Constituted by virtue of Part 3 of the Company Act, its licence was obtained and sealed in Québec on February 15, 1983. The "Pepin Families Association Inc" is a member of the "Fédération des familles souches québécoises". 

2. The members

A regular member is any person who has paid its membership fees in accordance with the present rules and which has been accepted as a member of the Association. Only the regular member has the right to vote and to become a candidate to a position on the Administration Board. Statutes & Regulations 1998 section 7.07.

An associate member is a physical person which has the same address as a regular member, who has been accepted by the Administration Board and who has paid its annual membership fees. An associate member enjoys the same rights and privileges as a regular member, with the exception that his or her annual contribution does not cover the subscription to the Association's bulletin. Statutes & Regulations 1998, section 7.05.3.

3. Rights & privileges of a member

Regular members can participate and vote at the annual general assembly of the Association. They can be elected as administrators and sit on the Administration Board. With the exception of the associate members, all members receive twice or three times a year our bulletin "Nos Origines"

4. To become a member 

Please print and fill out the attached membership request and send your cheque made to the order of "the Association des Familles Pepin Inc.

a/s Dorval Lachance 
892, rue Lanoue
Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu. Qc 
J3B 7M4