Your genealogical lineage

Another very good way to support the Association is to take advantage of our genealogical lineage service.

You have always wanted to know who are your ancestors! You have previously tried unsuccessfully to identify them! Your are unable to complete your lineage at a very specific period! You suddenly develop the need to know your ancestors, to find out where they married, where they came from in France or elsewhere before coming to New-France!

We are here to help you!!! Send by e-mail or by regular mail (to the below address)all the following details you have concerning youself, your parents, grand-parents or even grand-grand-parents : Full names, place and date of weddings. We will then make the relevant research to do your direct lineage (see the following sample). 

As soon as our research is done, we will send it to you by regular mail for the low price of $40 (CDN or US ). This amount will help the Association and you will benefit from our research for a minimal cost.

However, if you choose to become a member of our Association, your genealogical lineage and your membership fees for the first year will only cost you $30. From ther after, if you so wish, you could renew your annual subscription for $20 per year. For further details, consult our section Becoming a member. 

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Last update: 2005, December 15