Our ancestors

- Guillaume Pepin
- Pierre Pepin dit Laforce
- Antoine Pepin dit Lachance
- Robert Pepin
- The Papin family 
- Étienne "Pepin" sieur de Lafond

Guillaume was born in France about 1607. We do not know yet where he's from, since this information appears usually on a marriage contract and that the latter has not been found. The first mention of Guillaume in a document is in 1642 on the contract which details the auction of Jean Nicolet's goods. He marries Jeanne Méchin about 1645, probably in Trois-Rivières, where he settles to live and to bring up his family. They will have 13 children, one of wich is Pierre Pepin dit Laforce, a discoverer of the Mississipi River, from which originates the family name Laforce.

Guillaume Pepin is elected several times syndic of Trois-Rivières, i.e. representative of the of the people of Trois-Rivières at the Sovereign Council of New-France. Later on, he will be assigned for a short period as judge in the seigniory (domain) of Champlain. At several occasions, he will take part in the defence of Trois-Rivières against the repeated attacks of the Iroquois indians. Great land owner, he is given several pieces of land (concessions) and he also buys land in Nicolet, Cap-de-la-Madeleine, Champlain, Lac-St-Pierre and of course in Trois-Rivières where he will reside for the major part of is life.

Early in 1677, Jeanne Méchin leaves this world relatively young, around the age of 47. We have not found yet the recording of her burial.. Guillaume dies on August 11, 1697, around 90 years of age, while living along the St-Lawrence River in the home of his son Pierre Pepin dit Laforce situated today in St-Grégoire de Nicolet. His body is carried across the River and buried in Trois-Rivières' cemetary.

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Son of Guillaume Pepin and Jeanne Meschin, Pierre Pepin dit Laforce is at the origin of the Laforce patronym, at least for a portion of the “Laforce” in North America.In 1678, with is brother Étienne, he takes part in the Du Luth expedition which reaches the Upper Mississippi. Lake Pepin, an enlargement of the Mississippi River on the Wisconsin /Minnessota border has been named in memory of these Pepin brothers. Coming back two years later, Pierre Pepin dit Laforce marries Louise Lemire in Québec. Their 14 children will ensure their descent and will spread the name “Laforce” through Canada and the United States. Well established on a large estate on the St-Lawrence River near Nicolet, he will live to be 70 years old.

An historical monument erected in Trois-Rivières honors some great explorers of the New World: Jean Nicolet, Cavelier de Lasalle and Pierre Pepin dit Laforce.

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Antoine was born in Le Havre, Normandy (France) on April 10, 1636. He is the son of André Pepin and Jeanne Chevalier. Arrived in Québec around 1652, he enters the service of the former governor of New-France Louis d'Ailleboust de Coulonge. In 1659, with an associate, Jacques Asseline, he decides to buy from Denys Guyon a piece of land in Ste-Famille de l'Île D'Orléans which had been rented in part to his brother François Pepin the year before. 

On November 24, 1659, in Notre-Dame church of Québec, Antoine marries Marie Teste, a young twenty year old girl from La Rochelle (France). Well established on their property in Ste-Famille, they raise 12 children, three girls and nine boys, qwho will assure a numerous descent bearing the names Pepin dit Lachance and Lachance.This family is rightfully considered a pionneer family of Ste-Famille.

Antoine dies at the age of 67 on January 23, 1703 at Ste-Famille, two years after the death of Marie Teste who was then 62 years old. Both of them rest in peace in the Ste-Famille cemetary.

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ROBERT PEPIN (1643-1686)

Robert was born about1643 in Grisy (Normandy). In 1668, he practices the profession of master slater in Quebec city. On January 20, 1669, he acquires a piece of land in Beauport and, the same year, he marries Marie Creste in Notre-Dame de Québec on November 4. This couple will reside in Beauport until 1679, when Robert and Marie , on March 20th ,buy a house in Quebec city, close to the hospital.

Robert Pepin is a well known and appreciated master slater and many institutions require his expertise. Hence, he will slate roofs for the Jesuits, the Ursulines, the Hôtel-Dieu, the fabric of the church La Nativité de Notre-Dame de Beauport and the Recollets. In addition to roofing with slate, Robert also uses cedar shingles as it's the case for the Beauport church.

Marie and Robert will raise seven children, four of which will have a numerous descent. In 1686, Robert leaves this world very young, aged 43. Marie Creste will subsequently re-marry twice, in 1687 with Jean Bridault and in 1705 with Pierre Jourdain. Marie dies in 1723.

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The surname Papin has its own origin in France independantly from the first Pepin arrived in New-France. ?The ancestor Pierre Papin was born in Sablé-sur-Sarthe (Sarthe department, France) on January 14, 1629. He is the son of François Papin and Michelle Lagneau. He arrives in New-France about 1653 and settles in Montreal about 1656. He marries Anne Pelletier dit Passavant in Montreal on december 14, 1665. The couple will have eight children one of which, Gilles Papin, will marry twice in Boucherville. The latter two spouses will give birth respectively to twelve and eleven children, which will be more than enough to ensure a prolific descent. 

Our family association does not want to appropriate for itself a surname different from its own, although we could imagine there is a common origin to the Pepin and Papin families. We mention here the surname Papin because, through our research we found out that some people having the name Papin have ancestors which have the name Pepin and which in fact have the same ancestors as we do. Hence, if you are unable to locate your Papin ancestor, it could well be that he is a modified Pepin. It could also be that a Pepin descends from a Papin.

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ÉTIENNE "PEPIN" sieur de LAFOND (1615-1665)

Since the creation of our Association, many researchers have held that Étienne de Lafond also went by the name Pepin and that he was the brother of Guillaume Pepin. That is why we have originally included the surnames Lafond and Mongrain in our family association, the latter name which originates from two of Étienne's sons, Jean and Pierre, who were called Lafond dit Mongrain. Today we have evidence that Étienne de Lafond never used the surname Pepin or that he was not Guilllaume Pepin's brother. Nonetheless we have information and a publication on the Lafond and Mongrain.

Étienne de Lafond was born about 1615 and originates from Saint-Laurent-de-la-Barrière, a small location of the diocese of Saintes in Charante-Maritime. We know he was in New-France in 1642 at the auction following the death of Jean Nicolet, where he bought an old red satin suit. On January 30, 1645, he marries Marie Boucher in Notre-Dame de Québec church.. He settles down subsequently in the Trois-Rivières region were he exercises the trade of carpenter. He will own several properties in Cap-de-la-Madeleine, at Lac St-Pierre and around Trois-Rivières. The couple Lafond-Boucher will have eight children. 

Étienne dies at about 50 years old in 1665 and his body is buried in Trois-Rivières cemetary on September 15. Marie Boucher will live until 1706. Her burial is registered in Batiscan on November 30.

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